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My expanded drawing and stitching practice-based research works to unravel the entangled and relational associations pinned in-between two symbolic cloths. Both cloths are rooted in colonising histories. Probing the surface the embroidered whitework cloth revealed an entangled and implicated position.

Kate McFarlanes (2018) asks questions of drawing, pointing to the means of drawing as a basic tool that has been employed as a reflexive method to translate, abstract and trace physical contact.

It is interesting to consider in what ways drawing, specifically, can produce effective responses to issues at the core of our existence. (Macfarlane, K. 2018)

Photogravure printmaking entangles me the maker with with thread, cloth, light and paper in the production of new material meaning. Imported cut flowers from decolonised places have been traced through my drawing-embroidering process.

My work in a new studio space, set under a willow tree, now pins the indigo cloth to a new place. This brings both the blue and the white cloth into focus. To further unravel colonising origins, here I record traces, cultural tissue and my encounters with the wildflowers of the Eastern Cape, sold as table flowers in southern England.

Reference: Macfarlane K. (2018) A Slice Through The World: Contemporary Artists’ Drawings. [Exhibition Catalogue] Co published by the Drawing Room and Modern Art Oxford